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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers for the most frequent questions we receive:

Licensing - Is FBackup free for business/governmental use?

Yes it’s free for both personal and commercial use. Has no watermarks, ads, or other annoying limitations. When installing it you can read the EULA where it clearly states the free policy, or you can download it here: FBackup EULA

Downloading - How can I download FBackup?

You can download the latest version of FBackup by clicking on the Downloads menu item and then selecting the appropriate option.

Downloading - Is there an user manual for FBackup?

Yes, you can download it here: FBackup User Manual (PDF file)

Installing - Which operating systems does FBackup run on?

FBackup currently runs on the following operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008 (32/64-bits).

Installing - Does FBackup run on Linux or Mac?

No, FBackup is not compatible with Macintosh and/or Linux systems.

Installing - How do I find out what version I have installed?

To see what version of FBackup you are using, open FBackup and go to the File->Help page. You'll see the version details right under the logo in the About section (i.e. Version 8.0 Build 103).

Installing - Why do I receive an error when trying to uninstall FBackup?

If there's an error when trying to uninstall the old version of FBackup using its own installer, try to do it from **Control Panel->Add/remove programs**. If you still have problems, please delete all registry entries for FBackup and then try again.

Using - Why do I receive the error: "A monitor program has been found running in your system"?

Error message: A monitor program has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.
Themida is the protection component of FBackup. The error above is displayed when the protection component detects a process monitoring application running on your computer. Please note you cannot use both applications in the same time: FBackup and the process monitoring one.
We cannot tell you the name of the process file causing the situation, as Themida does not report that. One of the known process monitor applications is: Process Monitor.
After closing the process monitoring application, you will have to close it and restart the computer before using FBackup, because the driver remains in memory until the computer is restarted.

Using - Why do I receive "Decompression Error" when trying to restore?

This error means that the zipped backup file is corrupt and cannot be unzipped. Usually, this is due to a hardware problem with the RAM memory or the hard disk. Here's what you can do to test for errors:
  • To test RAM memory, please create a zip archive larger than the size of RAM. (Example: if you have 4 GB of RAM, create a zip > 4 GB using WinZip or another application).
  • To test the hard disk, run a scan drive for errors.
As a solution, you can try to split the backup in smaller parts of 1 GB in Backup Properties->Compression page. Also, you should select the Create independent splits option and press Save.

Using - Why do I receive "Error: SQLite_Finalize, database or disk is full"?

You get this error message because the destination drive or the temporary drive (where the zip is created) is full. Please free some disk space and try again.

Using - Why do I receive an error that the IPC server has stopped?

Please make sure the antivirus/firewall is not blocking the bService.exe process of FBackup. If it is blocked, add it as an exception (whitelist it) in the antivirus/firewall. Also make sure the **FBackup service** is started and running in **Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services**.

Using - Why do I receive a "Duplicate Object index" error?

This error indicates that there are 2 files with the same name in the same source folder. Check to see if you have in a mapped Linux drive in your backup sources, as that could be causing the problem. After you've found the issue, we recommend you to start with a new backup job.

Using - Why are some files not restored?

This happens because some files where excluded/deleted from the backup sources. To restore those too, please make sure you selected the **Restore excluded and deleted files** option in the Restore Wizard.

Using - Why aren't all the files from the sources backed up?

First of all, please make sure there are no filters that might be incorrectly configured in Backup Properties->Filters/Customize. To verify that, disable the filters you made and calculate the statistics for the next backup.
Second, please uncheck the Smart file scanning mode option from Backup Properties->Advanced page. Again, you can calculate the statistics and see if the files in the sources are found to be backed up.
Third, if the source files are located on a shared network drive and the backup is scheduled, please make sure that enough permissions are granted to access the shared files even if no user is logged on.

Using - Why are there long file names in the backup destination?

Those files are copies of the backup catalog. Since version 8 of FBackup we also keep by default 5 versions of the catalog.
You can disable that option or you can change the number of the catalog versions stored in destination.
To do that, please open Backup Properties->Advanced page. There you can find and edit the options.